Nov 3, 2015 - PgBouncer 1.7rc1

First release candidate for PgBouncer 1.7 is out!

Dowload here: pgbouncer-1.7rc1.tar.gz - 458171 bytes - (sha256)

Main news is support for TLS connections, HBA control file and authentication via unix peer uid.

Sep 3, 2015 - PgBouncer 1.6.1

Security fix

New auth_user functionality introduced in 1.6 allows login as auth_user when client presents unknown username. It’s quite likely auth_user is superuser. Affects only setups that have enabled auth_user in their config.

Per-pool pooling mode vs. reset query.

PgBouncer 1.6 introduced per-pool pooling mode, but session-pooled connections should not use same reset query as transaction-pooled connections. In fact, transaction-pooled conections should not use any reset query.

To fix this, there is new setting: server_reset_query_always. When set, it disables server_reset_query use on non-session pools.

It is set in 1.6.x for compatibility reasons, but will be unset in 1.7.

Aug 1, 2015 - PgBouncer 1.6

Main new features:

  • Load user password hash from postgres database.
  • Pooling mode can be configured both per-database and per-user.
  • Per-database and per-user connection limits: max_db_connections and max_user_connections.
  • Add DISABLE/ENABLE commands to prevent new connections.
  • New preferred DNS backend: c-ares.
  • Config files have %include FILENAME directive to allow configuration to be split into several files.